CANDIED PAPAYA recipe, Filipino Recipes

Choose fresh, yellow-green papaya (manibalang). Peel and cut into small cubes (3/4”). Soak in lime solution (2 tbsp. Lime to 10 cups water) overnight. Next day, wash thoroughly. Soak for 2 hours in water tinted with yellow-food coloring. Boil papaya in colored water for 1 minute. Drain immediately. Wash. Drain again. Make a syrup of 1 part sugar to 1 part water when it boils, add papaya. Cook for 10 minutes. Let stand overnight. Next day, boil again until syrup dries. Keep srirring even when out of fir, and until sugar hardens. Spread in baking sheet and dry under the sun or in oven with a low heat. Dry for 1 hour or until candy hardens and ceased to be watery.

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