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4 cups malagkit 3 cups coconut cream (both thick and thin) 1½ cups white sugar 1 tsp.vanilla

½ tsp. Fine salt

Toast malagkit until golden brown. Cool then grind into powder. Set aside ½ cup for rolling of finished espasol. Add all ingredients together. Cook in double broiler or on an ordinary pan over a low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens. Remove from heat when oil begins to come out from mixture. Spread cooked mixture on floured board and roll out with a rolling pin, ¼“ thick. Cut into desired sizes with a greased knife (or knive wrapped with wilted banana leaf). Roll cut pieces on powdered malagkit wrap in wax paper or cellophane. For especial espasol: instead of malagkit use toasted pinipig For semi-especial espasol: toast together 2 cups
malagkit and 2 cups pinipig. For Commercial espasol: same ingredients as above add ½ cup toasted coconut (milk squeezed out) with 3 teaspoons white sugar.

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