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1 kilo coconut ubod 1/4 kilo fresh shrimps 1/4 kilo pork (small cube) 1 medium sized onion 4 cloves garlic minced a few sprigs of kintsay 1 medium size carrot (thin strips) 2 tbsp. cooking oil patis, vetsin, salt 20-25 pcs. lumpia wrappers 1/2 cup chooped peanut 1 head garlic (minced) lettuce (tagalog) wax pepper (cut 5″x6″)

lumpia sauce

Cut ubod into thin strips. Soak in water with a little evaporated milk to avoid discoloring. Saute minced garlic until brown, then, add onions, shrimps, and pork. Stir and add patis. After 3 minutes add 1/2 cup water. Boil until dry. Add 1 cup water with shrimp juice, and kintsay. When mixture boils, add ubod and carrots. Cover and let boil until done. Drain.

Wrapping Lumpia
To avoid a messy dish, wrap each lumpia with wax paper (cut into 5″x6″). Lay flat wrapper with wax paper underneath; line with lettuce leaf, brush with lumpia sauce, sprinkle chopped peanut (mixed with a little sugar), and put in 2-3 tablespoons of the cooked mixture. Roll with one end closed, the lettuce leaf protruding in open end. Wrap with wax paper. Serve with brown sauce and minced garlic.

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