Kilawing Puso Ng Sagin recipe, Filipino Recipes

3 cloves garlic 1 pc medium onion, chopped 3 pcs medium ripe tomatoes, chopped 1 tsp butter ½ cup miso 1 pc Knorr Shrimp Cubes 1 pc radish, sliced 1 sachet Knorr Meaty Seasoning Mix 2 pcs puso ng saging (white), sliced 3 tbsp vinegar to taste ground black pepper ½ cup tomato sauce

1 pc big kamote, sliced

Let the flavors waft through the kitchen by first sautéing garlic, onions and tomatoes in butter. Then add miso, the Knorr Shrimp Cubes, water, radish and allow it to boil. Sprinkle with Knorr Meaty Seasoning Mix para meating meaty! Afterwards, add puso ng saging, vinegar, a dash of ground pepper and tomato sauce. Let simmer until puso ng saging is cooked. For the side dish, simply stir fry the kamote until golden brown. It’s the perfect complement to an already mouth-watering delight! Cooking Diva tip: Kilawin can be really tangy so to calm your taste buds from all that excitement, partner it with kamote! When cooked, the some of the starch in kamote is turned to sugar making it a sweetish treat!

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