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Ohana Rock clubSLURL – Inworld place – moderate sim rating.fb web pageOhana Rock club is a well known status quo in SL.The membership has visitors markers that exit the roof all through the week (the SL search confirmed almost 32k visitors at the day earlier than our visit) and it is self-tagged at the land tab as “the friendliest location in SL”.We

Ohana Rock membership at around 5PM on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.We reached the club thru a post on the SL events board. There were 16 avatars on the dance floor when we were given there, a DJ and a number on degree, no dancers and no visible subject matter.The club is
to load because the sim became quite lagged and the membership become complete.Visuality ____________________________________________________________________________________when you teleported to Ohana’s location, you want to stroll thru a tunnel of advertisement forums to get inside the membership. There are commercials anywhere, irrespective of which course you appearance, you notice them.Even inside the club there are companies and advertisements everywhere in the walls. massive flashy signs and
for club donations and it all creates a sturdy feeling which you aren’t there to hangout and experience a terrific time however in fact you want to be buying – masses.symptoms everywhere. in case you didn’t realize you came to Ohana’s you actually understand now, before you ever make it into the membership. I HATED the bombardment of ads.A sign subsequent to the bar providing you with all the policies, of
you with all the policies, of which “no posting net links or send gadgets on the way to defend our VIPs”The club itself is a mid-sized antique school prim building designed as a wooden porch, with a wide dance region, a bar and a level wherein the DJ and host are dancing.There are motorcycles outdoor the club and the general sense is of a conventional
conventional biker bar. there’s almost no use of Mesh within the membership, even the lighting are prims with light textures on them. there’s no sitting region except for a few bar stools.The only furnishings are the bar stools along the some distance wall wherein biker bar stool, the bar is.wood paneling anywhere and a textured prim of scaffolding alongside the sides and top of the degreeDJ and
top of the degreeDJ and Host are on a degree or occasion platform away from the crowdThe build and widespread design leave me feeling just like the proprietors thought “This is right enough. VIPs will come besides”preferred layout rating – 2communication _____________________________________________________________________________strolling into Ohana Rock club we are kindly greeted by using the pleasant hostess,
being. The dance ground become pretty full and a laid back communique is going on in nearby thru our entire stay, the hostess and VIPs are using gestures however not anything too aggravating.Many people come in and out of the membership and all are well greeted. It is easy to begin speaking and the overall surroundings is pretty at ease and friendly.The hostess and DJ
DJ are engaged with the crowd, making jokes and small communicate and make all of us experience welcome.every person is pleasant sufficient in case you’re inclined to interact themIt’s chilled , nothing too deep, handiest small communicate.popular friendly rating – fourmusic ____________________________________________________________________________________Ohana Rock membership Has a 24/7 occasions agenda published on their website. The shifts are of 3 hours every in contrast to the two hour shifts which might be very

two hour shifts which might be very common across SL.What’s going on within the membership –05:10PM – 06:00PM – DJ OsckerMinding the way the club seems and the commercial on their web site and facebook about gambling the quality traditional rock in SL, we were very harassed with the hour of tune
what we expected.The DJ performed a difficult blend oh conventional Rock, alternative Rock, 80s Pop or even digital music. He followed his tunes with long, lengthy voice overs, and between each single song there was a jingle reminding us that we’re at Ohana. not that we ought to ever forget with the big number of signs around us.No
no waft or shape in any respectterrible transitions between songs, no sense inside the mixA careworn mix of conventional rock and alternative, and as I kind this he plays an electro tune…Examples of songs performed while we had been there:Deep purple – Demon’s Eye – 1996 virtual RemasterDuran Duran – Wild BoysPendulum – the alternative facetpopular song score – 2.fivefashionable impact ________________________________________________________________________while
to go to Ohana Rock club, understanding that it’s far one of the maximum successful rock golf equipment in SL, we expected extra than what we have been served. a lot extra.We had been literally appalled with the aid of the variety of advertisements at the sim and inside the membership – greed isn’t always an attractive attribute while you are
brand new hangout.The music, which ought to be the principle motive for placing out at Ohana Rock club changed into no longer up to par and lacked any sense of course or subject matter. the mixture left us pressured.It’s Ohana’s, I wanted more.humans crashed all the time, changed into laggytoo much signage, way too muchThe group of workers were friendly and regarded eager to assist, it’s the only component I feel that
assist, it’s the only component I feel that became properThe group of workers we encountered at Ohana were very friendly and did their first-rate to have interaction with the crowd and make us all sense welcome and comfy.the group at Ohana turned into very “rock oriented” by way of clothes. a variety of leather, a mixture of mesh and system garments. there was a healthful blend
healthful blend of antique and new avatars within the membership.The club has a TIS danceball server in-house – A tremendous bonus!standard club score – 2.8even as dancing, 15 minutes earlier than the set ended, the club building become long gone – it disappeared!We ended up status on a prim ground best. whilst we asked in neighborhood what passed off – no
After staying a bit longer we found out they were rezzing a themed event build, piece with the aid of piece, regardless of a packed dance floor.A pre-made construct for the subject matter and a smooth transfer between constructing would were top-rated.Ever been to Ohana Rock club?inform us your personal impressions within the comments!in case
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