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What you’ll find on this website is a refreshing mix of Filipino – old world and new. Traditional Filipino recipes come straight from the islands, adjusted marginally to account for native ingredients that are normally used fresh in the Philippines. We’ve also compiled traditionally based recipes bursting with the flavors of the Philippines. A modified to include the bounty of fresh meat, fish, and vegetables offered in the United States and elsewhere. These are dishes that reveal my American fingerprint, which would not normally appear at a traditional Filipino meal, yet maintain the integrity of Filipino flavor, style, and technique.

Although many of the recipes on this website are found in common Filipino restaurants, this is not a restaurant cookbook. The recipes don’t require culinary school graduates to prepare, cook, and meticulously plate. Each dish. This is everyday food. In my house, quick meals, regardless of ethnicity, take as much priority as healthy, delicious ones. Many recipes are quick and easy to prepare so that a simple dinner can be on the table in less than 45 min. from start to finish. Others are what we call fiesta dishes, more elaborate and time-consuming, often served for special occasions and gatherings. Fiesta fare may require a couple of hours preparation or, at the very least, a helping hand in the kitchen. But as is often the case with at ethnic cooking, preparation and organization are the keys to success. I find that planning ahead or breaking down long recipes into several small ones make the job much less formidable.

I will admit though that by embarking on the Filipino culinary track you are definitely taking the road less traveled. And although many of the ingredients essential to these recipes are now available in larger grocery stores, preparing for these recipes may require a trip to an Asian market. If you’ve never ventured into one. The unfamiliar sights and smells may be unnerving perhaps even intimidating. But don’t be overwhelmed by 12 different varieties of soy sauce or the multiple aisles dedicated solely to noodles. My best advice to those of you new to Filipino cuisine is to accept and enjoy your status as a novice. Discovery is an exciting component of cooking that we often forgo en route to quick, convenient meals.

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