Welcome up-to-date The Royal high school eco friendly clothing, website.The Royal high college is one of the oldest colleges in Scotland and we’re very happy with our records. we’re located within the west of Edinburgh and are up to datetally comprehensive, non-denominational high college.

We supply guides at each level up to advanced better and delight ourselves in helping all freshmen up-to-date gain at agree with in supplying an splendid and innovative training for our young people which nice prepares them for their vacation spot of preference publish school. further, we offer a extensive range of more-curricular opportunities up-to-date newcomers.

These pages will with a bit of luck provide a flavour of the vibrancy of in the pages you may discover records about the up to datery of the college, information of our guide on online and plans, records about team of workers and courses, news from the parent Council and links up-to-date our Former pupils’ website on online.

We additionally post our every day bulletin which gives records now not hesitate up-to-date contact us at a Mrs. Pauon line Walker Reupdated THE CRICHTON CUPThe Crichup date dn Cupwe are going digital with the facup updated machine this yr Crichup-to-daten Cup Submission .

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